Pre-Immigration Tax Specialists

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Inpat and Expat Tax Services

As CPAs and international tax consultants we take time to understand the big picture. We listen to your businesses needs and goals, evaluate your bottom line and get to know you personally. We offer a level of personal attention not found at many accounting firms. We look forward to becoming a true partner who will guide you towards achieving your business goals and improve profitability. Our team of accounting and tax professionals are ready to help you reach your business goals.

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Expatriate Tax Preparation for U.S. Citizens

U.S. citizens living abroad must comply with all U.S. tax filing requirements to avoid stiff penalties. At Sasserath & Zoraian, LLP we keep up with the constantly changing tax regulations from the IRS. We'll prepare your tax returns in compliance with all current U.S. tax laws.

Inpatriate Tax Prepration for Foreign Nationals

For foreign nationals working in the U.S., filing taxes is complicated and preparing your tax returns yourself is not an option. Sasserath & Zoraian, LLP can prepare your income tax return at an affordable rate and will ensure you are paying the lowest taxes allowed by law.

Foreign Bank Accounting Reporting (FBAR)

If the total balance in foreign bank accounts reaches a certain threshold, U.S. citizens and residents are required to report their financial interest. Don't struggle to complete and file this form on your own. We can prepare this special form correctly and file it electronically on your behalf.

Estate and Asset Protection

We offer estate and gift planning solutions that protect assets for multi-national families and high net worth individuals. We'll take the time to understand your financial goals and objectives in order to formulate a customized tax and estate plan that's right for you. 

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning Services

Proactive tax planning is essential for anyone relocating to the United States. We'll walk you through the pre-immigration tax planning process and develop tax strategies designed to keep your U.S. tax burden low.