Pre-Immigration Tax Specialists

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Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

Sasserath & Zoraian, LLPImmigrating to the U.S. can be costly in addition to the general tax implications that go along with such a move. The U.S. taxes its citizens and residents on their entire worldwide income regardless of the source of that income. Individuals and families planning a move to the U.S. should understand that all of their assets, income and estates must be declared to the IRS and will potentially be liable to U.S. taxation. Once a foreigner becomes a permanent resident of the U.S., and therefore a U.S. taxpayer, any income that person generates anywhere in the world, is subject to U.S. tax.

Proper pre-depature tax planning can protect and secure your assets. Therefore, it is very important to seek professional advice as early as possible in the immigration process. There are no rules to stop an individual from restructuring assets to avoid taxes prior to immigration. To that end, our pre-immigration tax planning service focuses on the following:

Pre-departure tax planning services:

It is prudent to speak with both U.S. tax and financial advisors, as well as financial advisors in your home country, to ensure you take advantage of the full complement of pre-immigration tax planning and existing tax treaties.

We can help you through the entire pre-immigration tax planning process, and help you implement sophisticated tax planning strategies to avoid paying more than your fair share of U.S. taxes. With our support you can rest assured that all available options will be examined and your assets will be protected. Call us today at 631-368-3110.